Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lost Towel and the Case of a Falcon Waterless Urinal

falcon waterless urinal
Oh how could I ever find such good poetry in losing a fine and very well cared-for towel given by a friend. Imagine losing something you preciously keep while urinating in a waterless urinal in some cheap cinema in the metro? Wow! that must be some approval for a young geek of movies like me.

Anyway, here's the catch...

How did I lose my towel
When in the midst of my using
The waterless urinal (which by the way is Falcon brand)
I am looking at some pretty girl
Waiting for someone outside the male CR

What a funny moment though it was me
Yes it was me she was waiting for
Immediately she approached me
Right after I crossed the door
I thought she was but no

Yes she was after all (past tense)
She was waiting for me
From then on she and I
Became close

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