Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cervical Spondylosis (Neck Pain) Treatment Doctor in the Philippines - Dr Jose Pujalte

cervical spondylosis in philippines
Apart from the danger that if you suffer from cervical spondylosis, you might get an operation anytime soon, the risk of working at ease is at stake. MOst people who suffer from this condition are hot tempered due to the fact that it literally hurts so much and when pain is almost unbearable, hot temper comes in. In the Philippines though, cervical spondylosis hasn't been too visible until the boom on internet use by teenagers and young adults hooked up to Facebook.

The thing is, I myself am suffering from cervical spondylosis and upon diagnosis that I have the condition on my spinal discs, the danger of getting myself under the operating bed came to the picture with an orthopedic surgeon who also happens to do operation in joint replacement, knee replacement, hip replacement and spine surgery. I took a few tests and x-ray so just to confirm if I do have the narrowing of my disc spaces being a worker in the internet world for over 5 years now full time.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lost Towel and the Case of a Falcon Waterless Urinal

falcon waterless urinal
Oh how could I ever find such good poetry in losing a fine and very well cared-for towel given by a friend. Imagine losing something you preciously keep while urinating in a waterless urinal in some cheap cinema in the metro? Wow! that must be some approval for a young geek of movies like me.

Anyway, here's the catch...

How did I lose my towel
When in the midst of my using
The waterless urinal (which by the way is Falcon brand)
I am looking at some pretty girl
Waiting for someone outside the male CR

What a funny moment though it was me
Yes it was me she was waiting for
Immediately she approached me
Right after I crossed the door
I thought she was but no

Yes she was after all (past tense)
She was waiting for me
From then on she and I
Became close