Sunday, February 12, 2012

Healing of the Heart: A Poem for Analie Aguirre Casuncad on Valentines Day

I've been writing my own poems for quite some time now and I must admit that this has been a habit since college days. The fact that I do means so much to others but to me, it means just like regular breakfast which we can't really skip if we have the money to spend. Here goes for my love Analie Aguirre Casuncad on Valentines Day.

While she watched Healing Galling TV 5 program, I came to realize why not write a poem for my Ana and so here it is. Hope you like it sweetie!

Healing of The Heart
by Sam

Long ago you hurt me so much
And today I found the cure to the wound
I never realized that you're the one I really want to
Be with for the rest of my life

Until one day, the hurt started to fade away
And I owe it all to you for trying hard
To show me that you love me too
Well I guess that's just the way you show your love and now I want to thank you

Thank you for the patience
Thank you for the love
Thank you for all the understanding
In times we were so lost

I never though that this day would come
That you and I will be ok
But until today I realized
That you're the one I need

I guess the healing of the heart
Takes time to be indeed
But all along I always knew
You are the one and I love you too

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