Friday, October 11, 2013

Ulan Ulan Pantay Kawayan Bagyo Bagyo Pantay Kabayo

I remember back when we were kids, the title of this short note is a very popular Pinoy poem song for us by our parents - mothers and fathers. It is a popular saying whenever rain pours on the roof and the rainy season is here in the Philippines during the merry rain months of May-November.

Yes, it rains and when it pours, it usually floods in Metro Manila. Resorts all over the country have a hard time earning from their pools and hotel accommodations like that of a friend who owns a resort in Batangas and today, typhoon Santi is on and it's already October, a little less than 80 days before Christmas and I still can't comprehend why typhoons still visit during this time of the year. Never the less, we have come very well acquainted with these Ber Months as we, Pinoys call it and now, Halloween is fast approaching.

Soon, resorts near Metro Manila will once again be alive and the rain song "Ulan Ulan, Pantay Kawayan, Bagyo Bagyo Pantay Kabayo" will once again be a forgotten old melodic poem for kids like me and you, making us remember rainy days and the days when we start and stop to enjoy swimming in Bulacan resorts or in Antipolo swimming pools.

I hope by next year, all these event places will come alive as they do every summer. I am looking forward to have a great deal of fun under the sun soon. Probably not this time of the year while typhoons like Santi is still fond of visiting the Philippines but yes, by mid February or 2014 when resorts in the different parts of the country start to come alive once more. North to South, I am looking forward to visit more and say goodbye to the melodic song / poem - Ulan Ulan Pantay Kawayan, Bagyo Bagyo, Pantay Kabayo, the Filipino version of Rain Rain Go Away! Come Again Another Day!

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