Friday, December 27, 2013

Original Filipino (Tagalog) Child Lullaby

I can very well still remember how my one and only daughter have come to be the sweet singer that she is today. One reason I would like to believe is that because as a father, I always sing her songs and lullabies and I can very well remember still a lullaby we were able to create out of sheer visit to the zoo in Manila. This lullaby centered on a pet duck and a rat. I would like to put the full lyrics here and if I find time, will also put up and make an exclusive video of this Tagalog lullaby we both made with my loving wife Ana in Manila Zoo back in 1998.

Doding Daga

Si Doding Daga, si Doding Daga
Namasyal doon sa zoo
Kakainin nya, kakainin nya
Ang pagkain ng duckie ko

Kaya't ang ginawa ko ay namasyal din
Hinagisan ko pa sya ng pagkain
Magmula noon, si Doding Daga
Ay naging kaibigan ko

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